Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peter Rabbit; KBWT

Peter Rabbi is 110 years old this year!!!  And he doesn't look a day over 6 months.  No, honestly. However does he do it?

There is an official Peter Rabbit website.  It includes information about Beatrix Potter and her other creations, her life and the history of Peter and his friends.  There is a Peter Rabbit store for those of us who cannot get enough of this detailed, lifelike-except-for-the-clothes-and-posture rabbit.
 Take the quiz to see which Potter character you are most like.  I am most like Jeremy Fisher.  Sigh. Well, at least, he has fun.  Check out all the wonderful coloring pages, too.

I just spent the last 20 minutes playing the games on this site.  They include snippets of the book read by delightful voices.  And they are fun even for an oldster like myself.

Parents and teachers can view resources on visiting the Lake District.  There are pages on Beatrix Potter's life and artwork.   Party plans, lesson plans, this website looks deceptively simple from the home page but it really does meander on and on - a little like a rabbit family's warren.  Have fun!

Afterword:  I just searched for Uncle Wiggily Longears, in hopes that the old bunny rabbit gentleman would have a website of his own.  Alas,  I found references to his author, his books and his game.  Uncle Wiggily Longears is under-appreciated.  I may start an Up with Uncle Wiggily movement on my own.  American rabbits unite!

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