Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy endings??

At the end of Polly Horvath's My One Hundred Adventures,  Felicity marries Ned and Jane (Felicity's oldest daughter) has finally had one hundred adventures.  In Northward to the Moon, we discover that Ned, who carried the whole family off to the prairies of Canada to become a French teacher, doesn't speak French and has been fired.  Hmmmm, another typical Horvath novel about an atypical family.

Now, Horvath doesn't always deliver pat happy endings but the first book had a happy ending and this is a family of very nice people with a talented, serene and delightful mom and a normal (at least, I think so!) teenage daughter.  So, the whole way through, I expected a happy-ish ending. (And to be honest, the ending isn't UNhappy.  It's just abrupt and unsettling!) So, Ms. Horvath, there had better be a third book.  That's all I'm saying here.  Because, although the ending of Northward to the Moon, makes perfect sense and I had an inkling it was coming, I have QUESTIONS!  Lots of them.  If not for me, write the book for Jane.  She could use some answers, too.