Saturday, January 16, 2010

Confessions and Mind Wipes

Confession, they say, is good for the soul.  That's one thing the Catholic Church has gotten right.  There is something cleansing about admitting your sins out loud to another person.  There is something reassuring in knowing that the person who hears you will not repeat the confession, as well.

That said, a mind wipe would be even more comforting.  Here I am, confident in the knowledge that I am a good person, and out of the deepest reaches of my mind I remember THAT .... or that OTHER thing...or even worse the time that I....  AUUGGHHH!!  I apologized!  I made amends.  I promised, honest, never to do it again.  I did my penance.  Why does it come back to haunt me?  And since most sins - at least the ones that matter - have victims, I then worry about them, too.   Did my unkindness cause a permanent scar on someone's psyche? Did I damage someone's faith in themselves, self-esteem, trust in humanity? How could I DO that, or SAY that or ...??

I propose that when someone sins, confesses, does penance and atones,  everyone involved should have their minds wiped of the event.  The sinner should know the importance of never doing that kind of thing again, but, not know why.  The victim might have altered feelings about the sinner but the reason would be hazy.  Yeah.  I'd sleep better not being able to remember some of the stupid things I've done.