Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Storytelling for Kids

Join us at Godfrey Daniels Listening Club on January 5th at 2 pm as Mary Wright presents Stories with Spirit* to children of ALL ages, even - pr perhaps especially - those who are children at heart.

Mary's performance kicks off the 2014 Children's Winter Series for the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild.  She is the first of six fine performers who will spark children's imaginations on cold Winter Sunday afternoons.  Every First and Third Sunday in January, February and March, Godfrey Daniels will host performers who will tell, sing and play stories for children.

Admission is $4.50 for adults and children aged 5 and up, and free for little ones under the age of 5.  Cops'n'Kids will be at Godfrey Daniels to hand out books to every child in attendance.

Check out Mary's website here.  Then, hear her tell in person on January 5th.  See you there!

Back again with Santa Goes Everywhere

First, there was a cruise!  Whoopee! and totally needed.  Internet access is very limited on those big ships. (But, we missed the East Coast snows!)
Second, we got back on Dec. 23rd. Christmas was falling on us like an avalanche.
Third, there was the Christmas Eve service story - only one copy anywhere in the Lehigh Valley, and it was a 30 minute drive away.  The Best Christmas Ever by Chih-Yuan Chen.  I love that book.
Fourth, there was Christmas, with wrapping and cleaning and baking and cooking - all compressed into 3 and a half days.  It was WONDERFUL!

So that is why I have not been around.  I am back!

And look what I found over on readertotz - Santa Goes Everywhere!