Monday, August 30, 2010


Our summer intern at work made a Facebook page for our workplace so I spent the summer updating our work blog and the new spiffy Facebook page.  Ergo, I had little or no time to blog here.  Life is sometimes very unfair.

But our wonderful summer intern has returned to school.  I don't a zillion programs to blog about and update so I am here to tell you my innermost thoughts.

I have decided that I am a discontent person.  I complain when the summer is soooo busy I can't breathe or think, what with people coming and going and asking for book suggestions and needing Summer Reading Club prizes.  But, now that it is quiet at my workplace, I am bored.  Grrrrr!  There is no pleasing me. 

My other innermost thought is this.  I'd like to read the entire Hunger Games trilogy again for the very first time - one right after the other.  I am jealous of new readers who have the luxury of sitting down with all three books and racing through them without stopping.  No waiting for months and months for the next book to come out.  Lucky stiffs.

Enough innermost thoughts.