Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things I Love

I love: 

Snowy days
Fresh sheets and a crisply made bed
Found containers like the zippered cases bed linens come in
Chocolate dipped orange peels (I ate them ALL!)
Laughing babies
A new book, like The Inquisitor's Apprentice by Christopher Moriarty
A new craft project
Finding stuff I wrote long ago like this list of New Year's Resolutions from 1999:

I resolve to get more sleep. I read somewhere that Americans are in a chronic state of sleep deprivation.  I intend to do my part to reverse that trend.
I resolve to read more mysteries.  Mysteries are under-appreciated as a literary art form.  I will work tirelessly - when I am not sleeping - to give mysteries my full attention.
I resolve to do more lollygagging.  Few people lollygag anymore.  Expect to see me lollygagging in public before the year is through.
I promise to linger over coffee, whenever I get the chance, alone or with friends, at home or at one of those pretty little coffee bars...It's the lingering that is important.
I will develop my cobweb collection through benign neglect.  Do you realize how much effort goes into each cobweb?  I resolve to let my cobwebs age before I collect them.
I will stroll this year.  Power walking is for other folks.  I will meander, amble, lope, perhaps occasionally slouch as I make my way through the months ahead.
I will stay out of the loop.  What I don't know can save me a lot of headache.  (Not so good for an election year, sigh.)

I love this blog, too!  Thanks for reading.

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