Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Support Libraries and Literacy

Wednesday - Whatever! 

As a public librarian, I sometimes feel that school libraries get more attention and kudos than we who work with people of all ages, and from all walks of life.  However, I have to admit that more American children will enter a school in their lives than will enter a public library.   This is truly disgraceful but I believe that  ANY library is better than NO library.   So, thanks to the blog at readergirlz, I can ask all my readers to sign a petition demanding that every public school offer a qualified school library program to its students.

If you agree that access to a good library is part of a good education - and it IS!  It is! - then please sign the petition here.  Please sign this petition.  A literate public will surely support all kinds of libraries and that public begins in our schools and our homes.  Support school libraries by signing that petition.  Here is the link again; .

While we're on the subject of literacy - (and no, I don't know why I can't remove the italics - let's pretend I am doing it on purpose) - in the 1990s, a study discovered that 35% of kindergartners entered school without the skills to be literate learners.  That's more than one in every three 5 year-olds!!

One of the main reasons for this was that these children did not have books in their homes.  First Book has distributed 85 million books to children of all ages.  A $10 donation will purchase four books for children who may not own books any other way.  

Support school libraries with a click.  Support public libraries any way you can.  Support literacy in children's homes through First Book.  Thanks!

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  1. Hi Karen
    In the current issue of Friends Journal, there is a poem that you might like. It'd called "What the Librarians told the Third Graders" If you don't mind, here it is.

    When you read a good book
    like the one I finished yesterday
    time evaporates so there are
    no yesterday to mourn
    no tomorrows to dread

    or maybe time liquidizes
    and you slip through years
    decades even centuries like
    a sleek trout through
    the riffles of Falling Spring

    so come over here
    to the shelves and pick out
    something that will take
    you to places you've never been
    and times you've never lived in

    You have five minutes

    by Ken Gibble
    Greencastle, Pa

    See, this is right up your alley.