Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girls Read - Of Course

Yesterday's post was a little guy-centric.  So today I have to share a great list of books for Courageous Girls put out by The Children's Book Review.   The books are timeless and fun and there are books here for smaller courageous girls, and bigger girls, too.

Of course, girls read! And write and sing and do amazingly brave things.   So, all these active reading girls will love that there is a SECOND Daring Book just for them!  I get a little emotional thinking that I might be able to share these books with my granddaughter in a few years.  (Sniff!  Won't that be wonderful?)

And for all of us grown-up girls, romance author and apologist (as in supporter -NOT apologizer) Maya Rodale put out an eloquent trailer on why Romance Novels have been considered DANGEROUS for centuries.  I doubt that I will rush out and buy a bunch but my respect for romance as a genre has jumped after viewing this.

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