Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful 2012!  I decided that the only resolution I need to make for this new year is this:  I will finish projects that have been hanging around for a while - or get rid of them!

Earth tones, pastels and knock-your-eyes-out red - quite a combination!
Project #1:
To begin, I dug out a bin of crocheted rectangles - a complete underbed storage bin of rectangles approximately 10 inches by 7 inches.  There was a group project I was working on and then the group lost interest - or maybe I did.  I forget.  The problem is that the rectangles are mismatched colors.  What to do???

My shawl/scarf thing - cozy but I won't be wearing this out in public.
I took 17 of the rectangles and pieced together a shawl/scarf sort of thing.  It really is something only a mother could love but it is warm and perfect for watching TV or reading in bed.

Here are a few of the other unfinished projects ahead of me this year:
2. 3 novels - 2 are finished but need rewriting - a LOT of rewriting;
3. Comb through 20 years of Cricket magazine (OK, maybe only 10 years- I am prone to exaggeration) and then find a home for the ones I don't want;
4. 2 quilts - or at least the tops;
5. Figure out what to do with Bill's Mom's china and knicknacks - the pretty ones I have stored away;
6. Find new homes for stuff that is tucked away in the attic and cupboards and that I have forgotten about - like the fire engine red electric wok I never took a shine to;
7. Pare down my personal library to the books I actually use;
8. Figure out how to borrow library books on my Nook;
9.  Write reviews for at least half the books I read and post them on this blog;
10.  And then there is my Advent project - years in the making.  It would be fun to get that off the ground. 

If I finish Project #2- or a third of Project #2 - it will be a banner year indeed.  It's pretty clear that I will not run out of things to do in 2012.

I hope that your new year is full of wonderful things and people who love you!

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