Tuesday, January 10, 2012

KBWT & Crafts

Since Thanksgiving I have been obsessed with making things, crocheting and baking and gluing and sewing.  Tea cozies, fingerless mitts, troll dolls, snowmen, paper beads, candied orange peels, muffins and music.  I love making things and winter is the time to do it.
Hang this fellow on your tree.
 Kids love to make things, too.  So today's Kids Book Website combines two of my loves - books and crafts - into one.   Welcome to The Best Kids Book Site!  If you click on the Books tab at the top, you can search for books by title, character name, subject or author.  If you choose Book Wizard, you can describe a book that you can't find and the people who work for this site will try to find it for you. 

A LOT of work has been done to put The Best Kids Book Site website together.  With so many activity options and book choices, some projects and book suggestions are better than others.   Still, if you are trolling the Internet at 9:05 pm - after your local library has closed - for one last idea for  the next day's scout troop or play date, this site is a great place to wander through.  And, if you live in the back of beyond where access to a library is limited or unavailable, the book search options on this site are wonderful. 

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