Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A year or two ago, Jon Scieszka got a bunch of his author-ly buddies together and started a series of anthologies called Guys Read!.  The trailer for the first book, Guys Read : Funny Business is pretty funny itself.  The second Guys Read anthology, Guys Read : Thriller is out now as well.

Well, Mr. Scieszka has a website dedicated to Guys Who Read - and to Getting Guys To Read.  It's called.... are you ready? Guys Read!  Yeah.

Now, teachers and librarians know how hard it is to get guys to read - or to admit they like to read.  Walter Dean Myers - you know who HE is, right?  He used to hide his books when he was a kid, so his friends wouldn't make fun of him.  Now he's a big Newbery Award winning author and...(fanfare please)...he has just been chosen to be the next National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, a post first held by Jon Scieszka himself and which was most recently held by Katherine Paterson

Anyway, the Guys Read website has booklists written by some awesome guy authors and other people like YA librarians and you can download Guys Read bookmarks and find out how to open a Guys Read Field Office and even buy Guys Read paraphernalia.  It truly is a Guy friendly website.

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