Saturday, January 14, 2012


Those pesky crocheted rectangles from a past post now have a new life.  This view shows the Mug Shrug (c) and how it is constructed.  I added a contrasting border and two crocheted button loops and then added two buttons. 

This project is really a one size fits all project as you will see in the next photo.

Just fold back the top to drink!

I started with just one button which worked perfectly - buttoned under the handle - for standard straight-up-and-down mugs.  But on a slightly larger tapered mug like this one, the second button - above the handle - was necessary.  The shrug insulates the mug which is great for me.  I am forever pouring myself some tea and then walking off and forgetting about it.  Now, when I finally remember, the tea is still warm - if not hot.  Warm is so much better than cold when it comes to most teas.

On shorter mugs, simply fold up the bottom and fold down the top to make the Mug Shrug fit.

Can you guess what I will feature at the October Crafts Fair???  Hmm.

I am working on my first giveaway of 2012.  Watch this blog!

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