Thursday, January 26, 2012

Storytelling Thursday

Fire and Ice!  Do you have a story that could fit that theme?  Do you have a story to tell about fire OR ice?  A true story - that happened to you or someone close to you - that's what the listeners at Story Cabaret tomorrow night - Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012 - are looking for.  True real life stories.
Robin spins a tale

Tom considers what tale to tell.
Robin Reichert (formerly Berry) and Tom Egan will share their stories of Fire and Ice for the first hour of Story Cabaret at Touchstone Theatre in south Bethlehem, 321 East Fourth Street, Bethlehem PA.  From 8 to 9, Tom and Robin will each take center stage and regale us with personal stories.  Then, the audience gets a chance to share.  Sometimes, the audience's stories trump the tellers' tales.  Sometimes, ALL the stories are just plain wonderful.  So, join me tomorrow night at 8 pm at Touchstone Theatre and swap some lightly embroidered true-to-life sagas, icy, fiery or both.  Admission is $10 and that includes complimentary wine!

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