Tuesday, January 17, 2012


What a day!  Dad had his lung tumor removed today so a bunch of us - those who live in town - took over the waiting room with our travel scrabble and our biscotti and sleep-deprived silliness while the good doctors worked hard to banish cancer from our dear old dad.  Surgery was successful!  (YAY!)  But poor Dad has a month of recovery ahead of him.  Pain goes away - eventually.  Bless you, Dad.

Needless to say, Kids Book Website Tuesday was the farthest thing from my mind.  Still, it is Tuesday.

So I asked myself, where do children and their parents go for a little sit-down respite every day?  Where are shows brought to us by the Number 3 and the letters Q and I?  Where can princesses save kings from dragons through the power of reading?  PBS!!!  Today's Kids' Book Website - though not entirely dedicated to Kids' Books - is dedicated to turning its watchers into competent readers.  So here it is!  PBS KIDS!

PBS KIDS is not just for preschoolers anymore and has shows on science, nature, reading, friendship, geography and more.  And NO COMMERCIALS!  (Except sponsor identification - still better than those annoying cereal and toy commercials.)  Check out PBSKids website for games, videos and even geocaching!  For that, look on Dinosaur Train's Parents' and Teachers' page.

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