Friday, January 27, 2012

Take Your Child to the Library Day

February 4th is Take Your Child to the Library Day!!  Who knew??  Well, now YOU know and you have no excuse.  Take your child to the library - on February 4th and lots of times between now and then AND a couple of times a week ever after.
Talking about libraries, I started my new barely-even-there job last night at APL and it was energizing.  I love working with people who love working with children and books.  Since I retired, the thing I miss most is talking to people about books - having co-workers point out books I haven't read - and sharing stuff with them.  My friends from my "old" job still email me and do lunch and fall into those conversations but knowing that once a week, and sometimes more, I can pore over new titles and page through review sources and find books for kids - well, that is just lovely.  Thanks, APL, for plucking me out of retirement.  Plus, I might be able to get them to pay my way to BEA!!! - (Or part of my way. Times are tough.  I understand.)

On February 4th at APL, there is an origami program.  And  a book discussion.  Check YOUR public library for events on Take Your Child to the Library Day.

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