Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

Today is Whatever Wednesday and I can blog about whatever!  So here goes randomity:

Happy birthday to my little sister, Christine!  Oh, yeah, you rock, little sister.  BTW, I need a haircut.  Call me.

Granddaughters rock even when they are fussy.  (Grandmothers, too, even when they're fussy.)

Totally, soooooooo jealous of Hannah who will get an autographed copy of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green possibly from the great Mr. Green himself -  on Friday.   Watch the book trailer here.  I like the song, too.   (She might even meet Hank Green, John's amazing brother, songwriter and squirrel impersonator).

If you like John Green, you will love Nerdfighters

I am going to the FREE Open Mike Story Swap at Godfrey Daniels tonight (7:30 pm). I have no particular story in mind.  Sometimes that is the best way.  I am taking my little camcorder and maybe I will have storytelling video to post tomorrow.  Lehigh Valleyites, if you have nothing to do tonight, join me at Godfrey Daniels.

I have come up with something to do with those crocheted rectangles I complained about, not so long ago.  I am working out some of the design inconsistencies and will post the amazingly simple and, I think, clever results here, soon.

And tomorrow is Storytelling Thursday.  Stay tuned.

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