Thursday, August 25, 2011

Storm's Coming

We had an earthquake this week -  the second one in my whole life and I am over half a century old.  It caused such a stir that it was the only thing people talked about for a day or two after.  This photo of a plastic lawn chair on its back has been floating around Facebook as the aftermath of the Great East Coast Earthquake and it represents the "damage" we felt around here.  The tremor was about what you'd expect if a really big truck dragging a heavy trailer came by your house.  Ooooooo!!  Scary!
Sad, isn't it?  We're suffering from the great earthquake of '11.
I thought it was pretty darn cool!

And NOW, we are going to be hit dead on by a hurricane.  My husband is running around putting batteries in things and otherwise battening down the hatches.  I have my own preparations to make.

I have unearthed a mound of unread ARCs left from BEA!  Yeah!  Bring it on, rain and wind!  I have BOOKS!!  And flashlights.  Oh and lots of water and I've packed the freezer with water jugs in case the power goes off.  And I am powering up my Nook.  Because what if I read The Predicteds and Bluefish and The Traitor's Smile-French Revolution anyone? - and the power's still off?  I have a couple of books on the Nook, waiting.   Like Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump I can rail at the wind and the storm.  "You don't scare me!"........ yet....much.....ulp.

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