Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giveaway extended

I have decided to extend the Jack Gantos audiobook giveaway for two reasons:
1.  The original requirement of  a minimum number of comments was NOT reached.
2.  I did a poor job of marketing this giveaway.

SO, if you would like to win an Advance Listening Copy of Jack Gantos' new book, Dead End in Norvelt, READ by Jack Gantos himself - AND including an interview with the very self-same Jack Gantos - comment on this blog.  Mention the Jack Gantos giveaway, your first name, and where you live so I can identify the winner in my blog post on September 1st.  The giveaway ends on August 31st at midnight EST.

This time there is no minimum amount of comments required.  I WILL give this audiobook away.

Check out this book trailer for Dead End in Norvelt.  I haven't opened the audiobook so I was not aware that there was a homemade airplane in this book,  as well as the Hell's Angels and a possible murder to say nothing of the bloody nose.  There is a sample of this audiobook on the publisher's website.  Listen to it here.  If the plastic wrap on the audiobook accidentally gets, um, broken, you won't care, right?

I will try very hard to get the audiobook to you BEFORE it hits the stores on September 13th.


  1. Hi! My name is Glynnis and I am a children's program coordinator at the Nancy Kay Holmes Library in Scranton, PA. I love audio books! They really help me keep up with children's and YA books with my 30 minute commute to work! Thanks for offering this audiobook give-away! Best of luck to all commenters :-)

  2. Hi, your blog has been fighting all my attempts to post a comment. :( Tracy Trotter, Adams Memorial Library,

  3. Hi, it's Karen here. Since minors sometimes read - and comment on - this blog I moderate all comments. So if your comment does not appear immediately, no worries, I will get it and publish it. Thanks.

  4. My name is Krista from Schneckville. I am a reading specialist, and I would love an advanced listening copy! My students love Jack Gantos books, especially Joey Pigza. Thanks for doing this.

  5. This is a blog entry posting test.