Saturday, August 6, 2011

Curses! Storytelling week is done.

We got HATS!  Part of the crowd models their storytelling hats at lunchtime.
It's over -  a week of games and stories and a LOT of fun. Thursday, I was so tired.  I admit I was looking forward to the last day.  On Friday, as we worked through a final practice - with the microphones  - and as we talked about our stage names ("Marshmallow Fluff", "Crystal Chandelier", "Hog Wild", "Knock Your Socks Off") I realized that I did NOT want this workshop to end.   I like  these kids - and the teen volunteers - and the adults who helped me, too.  I even liked playing Beat the Bunny.
Homemade trolls!  How many stories involving trolls do you know?
I reviewed their homework from the first day - to come up with a curse and a counter curse.  Most of the curses had people being changed from themselves into something else.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Aishani was turned into the ugliest t-shirt ever and could not be turned back until a young woman bought her.  Like that would ever happen!!!  Project Runway, look out.  Aishani is on her way.

In Vidhya's curse, a Princess is turned into a book and cannot turn back until someone reads the book and likes it.  This one is close to my heart because books are awesome!

Ethan gets turned into a soccer ball and has to be kicked into the same goal by the same player in the same game 10 times.  WHAT!!!!  Poor Ethan!

Gwen becomes a clock and will be turned back when a celebrity buys the clock.  Alas, the purchase must happen within three days.  That time restriction makes this curse almost unbreakable.

Nandini's curse falls on a mean mean man.  Everything he touches turns to stone, especially his money UNTIL he is nice to everyone for an entire year.  Nice going, Nandini!  Take THAT, mean man!

Jules' curse involved a vampire.  The vampire turns someone into a bee.  The bee has to make honey for the vampire to get turned back into a person.  Anything with a vampire - or honey - in it is especially effective.

There were others and the Teen Tellers and adults had some curses that reflected more on real life.  (Miss Jeannie turned into a bag of mulch!  Hmmm, what's on her mind, I wonder?)

Expect actual live footage of wild tellers-in-training sharing tales and playing Beat the Bunny. in the next post.

The kids turned Kelly into a troll.   

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