Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last chance to win! Love a librarian!

Do you love your librarian??  Is there some helpful, funny guy behind the desk at, say, Muhlenberg College?  Or that librarian guy at the information desk at the Parkland Community Library?  Or maybe the reference ladies at the Bethlehem Area Public Library?  Do you appreciate how awesome librarians are?

TRUE STORY:  On a librarian bulletin board, one librarian asked for help finding a title for a borrower.  The borrower only knew the opening line of the book.  The borrower also wanted to find a book that had Coca Cola addicted elves in it.  With just that little bit of info, the librarians of PA were able to answer that borrower's questions.  How?  With their super book-finding library powers that's how!!!

You can nominate your FAVORITE librarian from now until September 12th - almost two weeks -  by clicking here.  Read "About the Award" for any restrictions or rules.  And nominate TODAY.

Last chance to enter the Jack Gantos audiobook of Dead End in Norvelt giveaway.  The whole shootin' match ends today at 11:59 pm. (Did you know that Jack's Mom once shot off a gun with awful results? I don't think that's in this book, but I could be wrong.)  Just leave a comment on this blog with your first name and where you are located and you are entered.

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  1. I love a couple of librarians at my library. But I don't know any of their names. I feel I can't ask now, because I've been going there forever, and they all know my name due to my always awesome reserve list. They always say when a new cookbook comes in, they know that they'll be writing my name down on the card as the book's first customer.