Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Story in a Snap Workshop

Months ago, we sat around a table in a nice conference room on Northampton Community College's campus and brainstormed student workshops.  "Why not have a workshop where the kids use their cell phones to collect pictures and create stories out of them?"  I suggested brightly - (or dimly, we will see.)
So the germ for the Story in a Snap Workshop was born.

Thursday afternoon - 2 days away! from 1 to 3 pm in Richardson 20 at Northampton Community College, Susan Petrole, English professor extraordinaire, and I, idea monger, will lead a story creating workshop using found objects and/or photos as inspiration to create original stories.  For instance, what would you do with that picture of chairs? Or this one?

Are they as happy together as they seem?  Hmmmmmm?  How come only one of them has arms?

Join Susan and I as we lead you in an exercise of spontaneous story creation.  It will be fun.  And we'll tell some great stories, too.

I forgot!  This workshop is free and open to older teens and adults.

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