Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maelstorm of Storytelling Excellence

Happened today.  So very much fun and such good stories.  Larry trotted out the "burning book" - oooooohh!  and his favorite card trick - aaaahhhh!  And I messed around on the accordion.  Oh! Uh, oh!

While we were taking storytelling prisoners, the weather was, too.  Such a lovely, balmy, non-March like day.  My March poem doesn't fit anymore.

Here is my March poem, Spring Cleaning

March comes in with brush and broom
To clear away the winter's crust
Of highway salt and auto rust
And other scraps of icy gloom.

And then March turns and starts to groom
The tangled branches of the trees;
Combs snarls out and gently frees
The buds to swell and burst and bloom.

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