Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Who can think about Kids Book Website Tuesday when the phone keeps ringing and I have to make nametags for StoryFUSION and I haven't collected enough media cords for my workshop yet?????

I can!!  Ta Ra Ta Ra!  I can think about Kids Book Website Tuesday.  Of course, right now my favorite KBW is Battle of the Books.  DUH!!  With amazingness happening at every cliff-hanging turn!  Today, Judge Jewel Parker Rhodes chose Drawing from Memory to move to the semi-finals.  I have hope for Inside Out and Back Again to rise from the dead in the final round.

I was hoping to share a Reading Rainbow site but since the show was taken off, PBS no longer hosts a site for it.  But, never fear, Reading Rainbow fans.  I have heard from very credible sources that Reading Rainbow will come out with an app for your iPhones this Spring!!!  YAY!  Take a look!  It's in a book!  Reading Rainbow.

Here you go.  Stone Soup, the magazine, has been publishing stories, poems and drawings of young people for decades.   So Stone Soup, though not actually a book website, is my choice for this week's Kids Book Website.  Sample the writings of children and teens.  This magazine never publishes the work of grown-ups.  NEVER!  Stone Soup is Peter Pan's favorite reading material, I've been led to believe.  I'm sure that's true.

Make sure you check out the video on the magazine's home page.  Very cool.

Back to BoB: Tomorrow, Life: an Exploded Diagram goes up against  Wonderstruck.  My first lackluster prediction is that Wonderstruck  will head to the next round.  But Chris Lynch is the judge and that changes things.  Must....think... ... ... I am going to predict Wonderstruck.  Just because I feel I should predict something.  Is that lackluster enough for you?  Both good books.  Both worthy opponents.  Just not A Monster Calls.

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  1. Aw I watched Reading Rainbow all the time. Sorry it's off the air.