Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am crushed.  I was sure that A Monster Calls would take this match.   It is a masterful portrayal of the pain of watching a loved one suffer - the guilt, the fear, the resentment, the sorrow, the.... Of course, my personal situation may have made me overly appreciative of this book.  My Dad hasn't died but cancer changed him.  Sigh.

As for Life : an Unexploded Diagram I can't say much.  I could not get into the book.  Was it written well?  Yes.  Was I a teeny bit intrigued by the characters? Um, no.  So now that it has earned a Match 2 slot, I will have to trudge through it.  Friends who read it tell me they are very glad they did.  Hopefully, the second half is better than the first.    This is the allure of BoB.  I am encouraged to read books that I normally would eschew in favor of OTHER books because there are always OTHER books, aren't there?

It's Whatever Wednesday - a Wet Whatever Wednesday.  I have a slate full of stuff to do today so...
I will just remind you to reserve your tickets for StoryFUSION now. 

OK, here's my prediction for tomorrow's round.  I liked both of these books but I wasn't enamored with either of them.  I am going to choose Okay for Now over Wonderstruck.  I felt that Wonderstruck felt wooden compared to Selznick's triumph of The Adventures of Hugo Cabret.    That's probably a little unfair but life is not always fair and neither am I, I guess.

That said, Scholastic has put together a lovely webpage fore this book.  Click here to learn to fingerspell and to learn about constellations, too.

Too many neat coincidences in Okay for Now, I thought.  Funny how coincidences are fine and wanted in one book (The Grand Plan) but can feel hasty in another book.  HOWEVER, the librarian in Okay is totally cool.  Totally.  And the artwork connection was intriguing.

So, which?  Get on with it.   Hmmmmm.  Coin toss?  Nah.  I predict that Okay for Now will move on to the next round.  But now that I have been proved fallible I would not put any money down on this.  Hey, is there a board in Vegas for this Battle?  Does anyone know?


  1. Surprised me, too! Although I didn't love Okay for Now as much as I loved his previous book, I never thought Wonderstruck would triumph. I also never thought I'd care so much about the BoB thing. But I do!

  2. Everyone seems to think Okay for Now will make a comeback... seems like that was the largest upset so far.