Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Stuff

Readergirlz and Figment are planning a Rock the Drop event on April 12, 2012.  It works like this.  Get a book.  Put the bookplate, below, in the book.  Drop the book somewhere that someone might find it.  It's like International Book Giving Day but more subversive.
So do it.  Easy enough to share a good read with an unknown "friend".

Battle of the Books:  Daughter of Smoke and Bone won its first round - as I predicted.  I am buffing my chipped nails on my lapel as you read this.  Don't forget to read the commentaries after Sara Zarr's thoughtful judging. 
One of the comments to BoB's post mentioned the artwork for today.  I like the little bomb shelter sign that Dead End in Norvelt so ineffectively uses as a shield.  Thanks to RB for drawing attention to these graphics.  So read EVERYTHING on the Battle's page; the decision, the commentaries and the comments.  All fun, all worthwhile.

Monday's match.  Hmmm.  I haven't read The Grand Plan to Fix Everything.   It's hard to imagine that it is better than Allen Say's Drawing from Memory.  So I'm going with Drawing as Monday's winner.  HOWEVER, I might change my mind.

So what happens next?  Come on March 31st to see!
I still have two passes to the Elizabeth Ellis performance on March 31st at Northampton Community College.  Listen to the interview and story at the link above.  Honestly, she is so good we should charge TWICE as much as we are charging.  Try something new. 


  1. Those little BOB illustrations are fantastic! So creative. And I definitely agree with your Drawing from Memory prediction. Let's hope we're right!

    1. Thanks, Katie. March is so much more fun with BoB. So, are you wanting those passes to Elizabeth Ellis? If you are, email me at and we'll arrange to get them to you. If not, no worries.

  2. I would LOVE to hear her speak. Alas, I live in MI with a 5-month-old baby, so we are not doing a lot of traveling :) Thank you so much for the offer!

    1. Someday, Elizabeth may come to MI! Go see her if she does. She's amazing.