Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Aunt - KBWT

Thanks to the folks over at School Library Journal's Battle of the (Kids) Books, I discovered Kate Coombs' blog, Book Aunt, "Because OTHER people give you clothes and video games for your birthday. "  It looks like I'm a Book Aunt, too.

Author of such fun books as The Runaway Princess and The Secret-Keeper, Kate's blog chronicles her writing adventures and adventures in the world of books for kids, such as her excellent review of "BIG numbers", highlighting books about large numbers written for young children.

To learn more about Kate Coombs, her writings and her writer-ly activities, go to her official website.  It's visually attractive and offers resources for parents and teachers. Kate has developed activities for each of her books, including a sampler of secrets from The Secret Keeper.  Hidden treasures are revealed with just a click.

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