Monday, February 20, 2012

The French Connection

Just an astonishing coincidence, I'm sure, but today two of the blogs I follow - Betsy Bird and Lerner - have targeted French books.  Betsy's blog is all about children's books.  Lerner's entry talks about the high concentration of books and book reviews in the hands of the Parisian populace.  Since Herve Tullet's smash hit, Press Here, I am very interested in French books - especially for children.

It helps that my daughter-in-law promises (or threatens), on a regular basis, to return to Lyons, taking my son and granddaughter with her.

I have to thank Betsy for adding the link to Pop-Op, a French blog that concentrates on children's books and picture book art.  Tres adorable! (Someday, I'll learn to add diacritical marks, I hope.)

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