Tuesday, February 21, 2012

International Book Giving Day

This morning I was looking at my bookshelves and decided that I needed to get rid of some of my books - kids' books specifically.  Then I popped over to Delightful Childrens Books and what did I see?  This lovely illustration and poem.
It's International Book Giving Day!!!  Oh my heavens.  What kind of synergy moved me to 1) decide to give away some of my books and 2) visit a website that reminded me what day it is???  The world's energy moves in mysterious ways.

It's also Kids Book Website Tuesday.  Since I linked to Pop-Op yesterday (and since that site is in French)  I think International Book Giving Day is a GREAT Kids Book Website.  

To whom should I give my books, I wonder?  I think I'll drive over to Cops'n'Kids later today and drop off some books.  That organization hands out books all over the place.

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