Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KBWT- Toon Books

Yesterday, the post person brought me a copy of Zig and Wikki in the Cow by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler.  It's a comic book - about being inside a cow!   You see, in a previous adventure, Zig picked up a pet fly.  And the fly was not doing so well on Zig and Wikki's space ship.  (Zig is an alien and Wikki is his robot companion.)  They return to earth and their ride is eaten by a cow.  Solution?  Get eaten by a cow!  Lots of cow facts and facts about biological interdependence are incorporated in this silly, colorful romp.

Published by TOON Books, the Zig and Wikki books are just a few of the enticing titles for early readers in the TOON library.  The website gives you all the titles, activity sheets and parent and teacher resources and a free activity/coloring book that you can print.  Check out TOON Books today.

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