Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Again? Whatever!

This post is going to be done in bits and pieces.

Bit #1:  I re-arranged my blogs and Favorite Links today.  Check out Lehigh Valley Family Fun.  This site has the most inclusive calendar of fun kids events in the Lehigh Valley.

Eva Grayzel is the power behind Six Step Screening.  A Stage 4 Oral Cancer survivor, Eva spends a great deal of her free time promoting preventive screening and presenting the story of her miraculous recovery.

I have moved some blogs and websites into "rotation" for now.

Piece #2.  The Story Swap at Godfrey Daniels starts at 7 pm tonight and should be stupendous.  It's free.  Go.  Listen.  Tell.

I know that Kristin Pedemonti will be there to perform.  And Kathy Long!!!! I am not auditioning for the opening slot at StoryFUSION but I think I have a story/rant to tell later.  Hope to see you there.

Bit #3.  Rectangles have been turned into mug shrugs and potholders.  I know, how mundane!  But if I get them out of my house, it's all good.

Piece #4.  I forget what piece #4 was going to be.  Sigh.  Maybe later.

I thought I remembered but it slipped away again so here is a cartoon someone sent me this morning.

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