Friday, February 10, 2012

What Happened to Thursday?

It was here - right here.  I saw it.  Now it's gone.  What happened to Thursday??

The Storyteller of Story Thursday is Eva Grayzel.  Eva told at the Children's Series on Sunday and she is delightful.  I know that I have mentioned her this week.  So I decided to dedicate this Storytelling Thursday - just to Eva.  And then, Thursday disappeared!!!  So, here is Story Thursday - one day late.

Eva uses repetition and rhyme to get her audiences involved.  She often has a character say the same thing or repeat an action when faced with a problem.  "He scratched his head.  He tapped the floor.  He thought and thought and thought some more."  Eva's rhymes are more clever than that.  After the second repetition, she starts the phrase or action and pauses.  her audience jumps to finish the phrase, or add the rhyming word.

Eva uses costumes and brings members of the audience up to act out stories, too.  And she adds those very young children who just wander onto the stage uninvited right into the action.  Her story programs are a lot of fun.

Lively and gentle are not two words that go together often.  But Eva's performances are both lively and gentle.  She picks stories that encourage thoughtful problem-solving and self confidence.

I HEART Eva Grayzel!

PS.  Eva is the moving force behind Six Step Screening, an oral cancer prevention and education non-profit.  Check out the website in my Favorite Links list.

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