Thursday, February 9, 2006

Well... the most recent book I read was Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. It was for my term paper so I have a mental block against it. Austen uses way too many dashes and I admit, I'm not a fan of her writing. It was one of the only books with a happy ending, so I choose it.

The most recent book I read that I liked was The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. After waiting for the book for almost 6 months, it finally arrived at PCL. It's safe to say I read the book at least twice the day I got it and maybe three or more times since that day. It's a good book. In a way it's like the Harry Potter series. Simple plot, simple style, but it's ten times better than Harry Potter. The characters aren't annoying (and it has a happy ending too! :D). It's a quick read with no indepth symbolism or hidden meanings (UCK! Gag me... I hate analysizing novels.), but very-well written and worth a 6 month wait. It's a good bit of fluff...

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