Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm glad the other members are keeping this blog alive. Thanks to Shadow and Okuni we now have some manga represented. I'm definitely going to look at "Fray" and Shadow can show me Roruoni Kenshin sometime this week.
I'm interested in book related sites to put on the sidebar. A professional journal listed 10 library blogs back in the fall and I just checked them out. Only 2 were still being updated. Sad.
Have you stumbled over any cool book-related websites or blogs - other than this one, of course? Let me know about them. You can link to them in your posts and then the whole WORLD can know about them, too.

As to what I'm reading? Um, I'm sort of embarassed to tell you that I actually read Alchemy by Margaret Mahy back when it was new - except I don't remember what happened in it so... HOWEVER The curse of the blue tattoo ( see my post from Sat. 2-18-06) finally came in - it was a whole day late here at the library - and I think that I will read that instead. I also have this very cool-looking book Operation Red Jericho by Joshua Mowll. It looks like a red notebook and comes with an elastic band to keep it shut. I wonder how long THAT will last. The author claims that the notebook comes from the files left to him by his Great-Aunt Rebecca. Has anyone read it yet?

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