Saturday, February 18, 2006

Unfortunate for me, I have my nose plastered in my World Geography book, which might be instereting if the writting was a little better.
Also Reading for World Geography paper (on literacy):
The Professors by David Horowitz, which deals with the terrible things happening in American academics.
The world is flat by Thomas Friedman, also deals with the ills of american society
There are a whole bunch of other books that I have out on Literacy from LCCC which will help me write my paper should I sit down long enough to take notes.
At the moment I am attempting to read through the mulitude of manga I have picked up of the last few years and The River's Gift by Mercedes Lackey, it's one of those fairy tale type novella's for adults. I think I read it years ago, but I don't remember the story. I also took out a book of Asian Mythology which we just got a new set of at the library.

Processor's note: I placed a whole bunch of New YA out this week. There is a way to bring up the titles in the catalog, but at the moment I can't remember how and my instructions will be way off.

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