Monday, February 13, 2006

In response to our fearless leader, I did infact enjoy a couple books that I was forced to read. I enjoyed A Separate Peace by John Knowles. It is a coming of age story set during WWII (I think) at a private school for boys. Some really bad stuff happen to the guys, but all in all it was a good book. I also enjoyed the Scarlet Letter by Hawthrone. It was the end of the year and as much as I like reading Mark Twain, I really wanted something else to read.
Some of the stuff they make us read is really dull, boring or not worth the effort like the lord of the flies by william golding. Yeah, I kind of only read four full chapters of that book, listened to the class discussion and still got an A on the test. The absolute worst was when I had to read the old man and the sea by hemmingway. You could skip twenty pages and you right where you left off. It was so dry everyone hated it. I think we'd all learn better if we actually had books that we wanted to read. In fact it would promote life long reading instead of turning most people off.

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