Thursday, February 16, 2006

I don't have a cell phone and Dragon's post makes me even more hesitant about getting one.

Last night, I read ttyl by Lauren Myracle. It's done in IMs between 3 best friends in 10th grade. The IM format means you hear about events after they happen so the sense of immediacy is lost. But it is a fun way to read a book. Lots of stuff happens too, a disastrous frat party, a far-too-interested HS teacher, heartbreaks, etc.
So, I'm in the living room reading away and the doorbell rings. It was one of MY 2 best friends from High School. (Reading a book about 3 best HS friends - getting a visit from 1 of 3 best HS friends! Coincidence or astral connection? - miniseries to follow.)
Anyway, it was great to talk with her again. And Myracle's book was fun, too. As the IMers say - l8r.

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