Thursday, February 9, 2006

During February, Mark Kennedy has an origami display in the case at the Parkland Community Library. He's calling it "Origami Same but Different". He and his wife, Arlene Gorchov, made all the models in the case and there is one (or more) model on each shelf that is different from the other models on that shelf. The different models on the bottom shelf are the easiest to find. To see more information about Origami check out Origami USA. Mark has a monthly folding club that is listed on that site.
Mark has given us LOTS of origami books as well. Look in non-fiction, either Juvenile or Adult, around 736 . Some books have an extended Dewey number of 736.982. We even have an Origami poetry book in Juvenile non-fiction called Fold me a poem by Kristina George (J 811.5 GEO). (I hope that link to Amazon works so you can see the poetry book.)
I haven't read anything wow since my last post. I had to do housework (boo! hiss!) last night. Sometimes life is not fair.

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