Thursday, May 10, 2012

War on WAR!

I'd like to propose that we declare a War on War!  I propose that this is really the only War anyone needs to declare.  Once we stop Warring, we can move on to promoting Peace!  Peace for EVERYONE on the entire planet.  So join me in my War on War - of every kind.  End  Wars on Christmas, Women, Marriage, I Haz Cheezburgers, Texting, Small Children Who Pick Their Noses, Immigration, Proper Grammar, Afghanistan, The West Bank, Wall Street, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hindus, Hawaiian Shirts.  Stop it, NOW!!  Stop with all the unnecessary carnage and verbiage - ESPECIALLY the verbiage - although actually carnage is worse so I am being a tad tongue-in-cheek here. 

I declare a War on all Wars.  Peace is the only way.
This book is a great story about ending war.

This is Storytelling Thursday.  A lot of storytellers share stories that promote understanding and peace.  And a lot of organizations document true stories of people helping one another.  Here are some of those tellers and organizations:

Peace Tales - with Sarah Malone.  Sarah shares stories that encourage peaceful solutions and she works with organizations that promote independence for all.  Check out her links and stories.

Stories of Peace and Justice - from the peace and Justice Support Network of the Mennonite Church USA - lets people tell their own stories of non-violent interaction and neighborliness.  Very cool. is a colorful site offering stories and resources for promoting peaceful thinking among children. 

I have to include the American Friends Service Committee site, even though it is an organization site and not a place to find "stories" packaged as such.  But Friends promote peace everyday, across the globe, across every human barrier.  Go Friends!

Local tellers whose work promotes peace and understanding include Mary Wright, Larry Sceurman, Eva Grayzel and Robin Reichert.  We all do, really.  Check out the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild's site to find out who we are.

Robin, in particular, has started on a journey of spiritual awakening.  Her website doesn't do her justice. 

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  1. I llove Anita Lobel. She has great illustrations. There is a great story in Potatoes, Potatoes behind that meaning of WAR. But isn't there this saying, "the war on peace". What an oxymoron. Whoever thought that expression up is just a moron.