Monday, May 7, 2012

KBWT -a potpourri

When looking for Kids' Books Websites, I usually visit a few search engines and put in terms like children's books, kids' books, reviews of kids books, etc.

Today I did something brilliant.  I borrowed links from my favorite KBWs.  Let others do the work, say I - at least, some of the time.

Enlarge your world by visiting Paper Tigers, a site that features books and authors from Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.  Find authors, illustrators, outreach projects, interviews and book reviews on this colorful site.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast - This blog is for us bigger people who love all things Kids-Books related.  Some reviews, some interviews, a bunch of awesome links, and some fun.  Check it out.

The Book-A-Day Almanac is excellent!  Every day, Anita Silvey, the blog's author does a lovely job of reviewing one children's book.  Silvey also posts little notes about things that happen each day as well.  This site is fun for readers of all ages.

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