Monday, April 2, 2012


The zombie won!!  The Undead, brought back by overwhelming acclaim, snatched this year's Battle of the Books prize away from Between Shades of Gray and Life: an Exploded Diagram. 

 Which book was this year zombie? The WINNAH!!!  Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt.

Am I happy?  Yes.  How could I not be?  Even though I had trouble reading Life: an Exploded Diagram, had that book won, I would have been happy!  Any event that causes the excitement, discussion, ardor, - even factions - about books that Battle of the Kids Book does, makes me very happy.

What a Battle!!!  It's a good thing Summer Reading Club is just a couple of months away, because I can barely wait for next March.  SRC will give me something to take my mind off wondering what books the BoB group will choose for 2013.

Battle of the Kids Books needs a theme song, I think - oh, and t-shirts and mugs!  Yeah!

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