Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

Randomity today:

Check the storytelling page for new stuff, - a new link and a new game.

We switched cable/bundle providers last week.  I hate change and so does the Hub.  All that technical stuff making things work the way they used to is very trying.  Any techies willing to reinstall Adobe Flash for patience-challenged older folks?  My Mac is untouched.  Finally, a reason to be grateful for my iMac.

This is the American cover, much more expressive than the British cover, I think.
I read Earwig and the Witch by the great and, sadly, late Diana Wynne Jones.  It's very short and reads like the beginning of a longer book or possibly a series for younger readers.    We will never know, though, will we?  Suddenly, I feel bereft - again.

Anyway, Earwig is a typical Diana Wynne Jones character - willful, clever, maybe even a little devious.  She gets "adopted" by a witch who really just wants "another pair of hands".  Earwig makes sure the witch gets what she wants.  Hehehehehehehehehehe.  Man, I wish there could be another book about Earwig.

Started Wonder by R. J. Palacio.  Love Auggie's voice so far.  There is not a lot of detail about his deformities.  Is that good or bad?  I will find out.  Check out the book trailer.

I read The Running Dream by Wende Van Draanen last week.  I liked it but it read, in parts, like a manual on the building and fitting of prosthetic limbs.  Fascinating!  No, actually, very fascinating!

It's a very hopeful book, full of good people pulling together to "make things work".  A track star loses part of one leg in a bus accident.  That's how the book starts.  Somehow, she and her family and her friends have to make her recurring running dreams a reality again.  Although I wonder how realistic the main character's reactions could be, I feel that Van Draanen provides a model for how these challenges should  be met.  Hope keeps people alive and striving.  Hope makes people happy.  Hope rules. 

That's it for now. 

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