Thursday, April 12, 2012

Storytelling Thursday - Elder Barry and props!

When I was new to storytelling on the web - back when storytelling meant actually telling stories and not script writing, or movie making, or songwriting or... - Elder Barry was there.  His website had stories I could learn, and tips for telling, and jokes, and workshop ideas.

Now, Elder Barry is actually an elder in his church so his site does lead you to church-y, Christian-y places.  If that is not your thing, just enjoy Barry's stories, storytelling games and advice on getting started.

Have you gotten into Pinterest yet?  I haven't really BUT I found this fantastic board on storytelling props.  The board belongs to Amy Anderson and I just want to say thanks, Amy!  Storytelling props are fun when you are working with a classroom or after school program.  Props are sort of like training wheels for starting storytellers.  Some props add a whole other dimension to storytelling.

My favorite storytelling prop is my accordion.  Can you blame me?

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