Friday, December 9, 2011

Storyteller Thursday - one day late

Last night, I went to Touchstone Theatre's Christmas City Follies XII.  This has become a Christmas tradition for my Mom, my sister, Christine, and I.  Every year, we invite a different friend to join us and this year it was my co-worker and partner in crime (past), Suzanne. 

The Follies are a Lehigh Valley tradition, a vaudevillian collection of comedy sketches, musical pieces and local lore lampooned.  Every year, we wonder how they will top last year's production and every year the ensemble cast produces something wonderful.  This is not a greeting card Christmas at all, but it feels oh-so-merry-and-bright.

And, what does this have to do with storytelling?  Well, Mary Wright is one of The Follies cast members and she is also a super storyteller!

Mary is a tireless proponent of education through the arts, working with theater groups at area high schools, running storytelling and creative dramatic workshops and retreats.  Besides all that, she is an all around nice person!  She tells stories based on her own life, and the lives of her fore-mothers.  She has developed story/theater pieces for arts organizations.  She and Cora Hook, another local theater and storytelling star wrote produces and starred in Two Cronies, a marvelous show on the women's coming of age through "the change".

Back to The Follies - the show runs Thursday through Sunday until December 18th.  Get your tickets now!

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