Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah

Once again I neglected to post on Storyteller Thursday.  But I have a link that will make up for that! Through a special interest group on Linked In, I discovered the Story Tour Blog, a blog that presents Jewish stories - a new one every week or so - in an effort to strengthen faith and increase understanding among Jews, Christian, Muslims and EVERYBODY.  Jewish stories resonate with truth.  Bat wait, all stories do.  Back to Story Tour!

The story I linked to is a good one for this season.  All around us, people encourage us to to feel joyful, happy, fizzy inside.  But realists among us see through the overlay of holiday excitement to the imperfections of our lives and ourselves.  Let a Rebbe open your eyes to how to improve things in this story.

And now for you Christmas lovers out there - and I am one of THOSE! -a very special tree brought to us by the librarian at Trexler Middle School in Allentown, PA, Donna Forsyth.  Thanks for letting me share this picture, Donna.

Donna assures us that these books  were made available to students if they wanted to borrow them but she chose less popular books to build this literary tree.  So festive!

Merry Christmas to all of you! 

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