Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KBWT - continued

It was a tough choice, really.  I could share with you a visually appealing website that lets you download ancient children's books as part of an attempt to digitally archive as much human literary effort as possible.  Maybe someday ...

Or I could showcase The Children's Book Council, even though it has a Twitter feed in which a certain famous YA author is reporting on viewing "Topper"!  Is this what people do on Twitter?  Unfortunately, now I really want to watch Topper, but I digress... (Hopefully, by the time you read this, the Twitter feed will feature authors doing more literary stuff.)

The Children's Book Council won out BECAUSE, right there on the home page, the CBC lists predicted Big Sellers in the children and teen market.  Books of the Future have won out over Books of the Past - at least for this week.  And they have a cool list of books on the theme of technology including non-fiction and sci-fi, too.

The CBC is a non-profit organization for trade publishers, addressing concerns and advances in the publication of books for children and teens.  Children's Book Week is the CBC's biggest event. 

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