Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kids' Book Website Tuesday

It is KBWT (Kids' Book Website Tuesday).   The website I am featuring today will look very familiar to you. 

The blog is Books Your Kids Will Love.  Yes, that is the same template that I use, and yes, she reviews a LOT of books, maybe even more than...actually way more than I do.  So, check out this blog for great books that you and your kids will love.

On to other more important - to me - things.
Thing 1:  Holiday greeting cards are done.  And, I sadly admit, I actually wrote a "Christmas letter" this year because 2011 was a very busy year.
 Thing 2:  I need to post a pic of my granddaughter.  I promise not to do this often but...
 Right??  Is that not adorable???  There is Daddy reading to sweet little Dulci (which means sweet!) about the birds of North America.  And she, of course, is listening raptly because what one month old baby doesn't want to hear about birds of North America??  None that I know of! 

Keep up the good work, my son.  You make me proud.

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