Tuesday, December 6, 2011

KidsBook Website Tuesday

Yesterday, I stumbled across Figment, a young writers' and readers' community and website.  The audience is teens and above and the books featured are mostly YA fiction.  Young authors can read each others works.  There are throwdowns in which literary characters are pitted against each other and submitted to a vote.  Right now, a Gritty Girl contest is waging, with Hermione Granger besting Katniss Evedeen but in a stalemate against Buffy.

Best-selling YA books can be purchased through this site.  Sometimes there are author interviews.  Plenty of forums are offered for people who want to interact with other members of the Figment community.  The site even has a forum dedicated to GRAMMAR.  (Wow!)

I joined, for what that's worth.  I'm a lurker right now.

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