Thursday, November 10, 2011

Storyteller Thursdays

The organization of this blog continues.  Today is Story (or Storyteller) Thursday.  And on Thursdays, I will features a story, a storytelling activity or a storyteller.

Today's storyteller is Kristin Pedemonti, an energetic, lively, big-hearted woman who is the founder of Literacy Outreach Belize.  Since 2006, she has donated programs to 33,000 children in Belize and has spearheaded donations of funds and books to the more rural schools in this small Central American country.

Pedemonti's storytelling usually includes audience participation, with costumes, funny voices and even funnier faces.  She is a joy to watch.  She has a wonderful manner, handles outbursts from the sudience with humor and aplomb and ofter makes them part of her stories.

She's a globetrotter as well, performing all across Europe, the US and South America.  In 2011 she won the coveted National Storytelling Network International StoryBridge Oracle Award.

Check out Kristin's website and visit her fund-raising site to enable her to return to Belize and train more teachers and teens in storytelling and story creation skills.

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  1. Thank you Karen! You are such a funfilled human, glad to know you! And I still need to take accordian lessons from you! :)