Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kids' Internet Tuesday

Yesterday (approximately 53 minutes ago) was Kids' Books Website Tuesday - the day I share a blog or website (or two) devoted to children's books.  Enjoy.

 A Fuse #8 Production is written by book blogger and librarian, Elizabeth Bird.  The blog is hosted/sponsored/part of School Library Journal's amazing Internet resources for people who like schools, and libraries, the materials found in those institutions and the people who frequent both.  Book reviews - lots of book reviews - commentary on what's happening in the publishing world for children and teens - interesting stuff about authors and illustrators - it's all on this blog.  I check with Betsy's blog to keep on top of what's new and different in writing for young people.

For those of us who sometimes need picture books on a theme, check out 5 Great Books, a blog written by author and literacy consultant, Anastasia Suen.  Suen lists five recommended books on different topics.  Her choices are designed to appeal to beginning readers.

Suen writes for this age group, too, and she features one of her books every week on another blog, Anastasia Suen's Book of the Week.  If you read the sidebars of these blogs, you will find links to Suen's other online presences including a daily blog on Picture Books and another one on Chapter Books and an e-newsletter.  Fun, helpful and informative!  Thanks, Anastasia.

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