Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amelia Lost

Amelia Earhart! This tousled aviatrix is one of America's most fascinating historical figures.  In Amelia Lost: the Life and Disapperance of Amelia Earhart, Candace Fleming uncovers amazing stories about the week that followed Earhart's disappearance over the Pacific Ocean.  People as far east as Florida claimed to hear snatches of radio transmissions from Earhart's plane.  The technology that existed back then may not have been up to the task of finding her but one wonders if the authorities paid closer attention to these "hearings', could she have been found? 

Fleming's book sandwiches the story of Earhart's fascination with flight, and her development as a media darling and a daring pilot, between the stories of individuals who claimed that they heard her voice on their radio sets.   Along with these reports, Fleming mixes in media coverage of Earhart's exploits and journalists' criticism or praise for her.  The book is not only a comprehensive biography for middle grade readers, but a commentary on how media coverage has contributed to historical events.  Earhart was a canny promoter, not only of herself but of feminist ideals and of aviation.

Fleming reveals little known facts about Earhart and dishes the truth about some of the legends that have grown up around this American icon.   The book is liberally illustrated with period photos and snatches of Earhart's and her husband's journals and letters.  There is a bibliography and a source list for serious Earhart enthusiasts.

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  1. Amelia Earhart was one of my childhood heroes. Thanks for the book recommendation.